Underhill Residence
Private Client

Location: Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset
Status: Completed
Area: 242 sqm

The five acre site housed a 1926 bungalow built by Client’s father. The first phase of the new house incorporated this with the later phase subsuming the bungalow.

Located on the edge of a steep chalk ridge in an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)’ and subject to ‘Countryside Policies’ it was deemed any proposal ‘must not materially increase the impact of the existing’ and ‘must provide enhancement’.

Therefore, the house is modest in appearance through its simple form and mixing natural local materials. The house is successful as a result of a variety of spaces related to their function; response to the changing quality of natural light and sensory contact with nature and the changing seasons.

Sustainability goals were achieved through a central heat-recovery system, rainwater and grey water recycling, photovoltaic array and super-insulation.

Design Team:
Abell Nepp (Architect), Client (Structural)