Chemistry and Biology Laboratories
Eli Lilly and Company

Location: Windlesham, Surrey
Status: Completed
Area: 6,400 sqm new build and refurbishment

Abell Nepp have been working at the campus since 2011 and from 2002 in Chris’ previous employment.

This major programme of phased refurbishments followed the approval of a masterplan by the practice, which defined a way to utilise the existing 1960’s laboratory buildings by extending and re-purposing them for an additional 20 year design life.

The most recent phases included a new staff restaurant and redesign of the link lobby.

The new laboratories are flexibly capable of accommodating chemistry or biology functions, as well as shared equipment areas for analytical work. The fit-outs also include write-up space adjacent to the labs, accompanied by meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

Design Team:
Abell Nepp (Architect|Lead Consultant), AECOM (S|MEP), Faithful + Gould (Cost|CDM), Walter Lilly|Mansell|Inxteriors|TSL (Contractors)