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Abell Nepp - Wellcome Genome Campus

Wellcome Genome Campus

Practical completion has been achieved on the Kitchen Garden Enclosure project for the internationally-renowned scientific conference centre. Designed by Abell Nepp and ARUP engineers, the glazed elliptical roof encloses 1600m² of exhibition and breakout spaces, and a bar/café, all within a historic walled garden. 


The roof appears deceptively simple spanning between the heritage walls and enveloping the existing 1990s auditorium. Its parametric geometry delivers a low profile, sensitive to the massing of the Grade II* Manor complex, whilst creating a dramatic internal space.


The three-ply translucent and clear roof glazing is 'cold-bent' up to 47mm, to achieve a smooth profile, controlling internal daylight and maintaining comfortable temperatures.


Principal Contractor: RG Carter

Glazed Roof Sub-contractor: Waagner Biro


August 2015