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Abell Nepp - WTCC Topping Out

WTCC Topping Out

The Wellcome Trust Conference Centre celebrated the 'topping out' of its Kitchen Garden Enclosure project. Infilling the walled garden, the project provides exhibition, café, and breakout spaces under a large glazed elliptical roof. Waagner Biro (Austria) fabricated the roof for the main contractor, RG Carter.

Designed by Abell Nepp and ARUP Engineers, the roof appears deceptively simple. Spanning from the 'non-rectangular' heritage walls, it surrounds the 1990's auditorium. The parametric geometry delivers a low profile whilst creating a dramatic internal volume. 

The three-ply glazed panels are 'cold-bent' up to 47mm, to achieve a smooth profile. Translucent glazing panels provide daylighting whilst maintaining comfortable internal temperatures.

March 2015